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glamour dust (glitter) goudkleur

glamour dust DS61 glamour dust (glitter) goudkleur
Voor het creëren van een glitterlaag op al uw ontwerpen.
Glamour Dust is a dry, very fine sprinkle-on glitter that adds sparkle to painted fabric, home decor and decorating, or craft projects.
For a glittery effect, sprinkle directly from the Glamour Dust bottle onto wet paint or clear adhesive.
Use over Snow-Tex to create the shimmering effect of snow.
Add sparkle to any craft surface by sprinkling Glamour Dust over a wet coat of brush-on or spray sealer or paint.
Sprinkle Glamour Dust over any wet acrylic paint, fabric paint, or sealer.
Great for holiday ornaments and other decorations.


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